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Saturday, December 4, 2010

HRPA: More messed up than I thought

What do you get when you cross human resources with communism?

Based on what I have read in the proposed Bill 138 I would say you would have the HRPA.

In the proposed bill 138, you will find points like:

52. (1) In conducting an investigation under this Act, an investigator may, (a) at any reasonable time, enter and inspect the business premises of the individual or firm under investigation, other than any part of the premises used as a dwelling, without the consent of the owner or occupier and without a warrant;

Let it be noted, that the police require a warrant to search your premises - so why would the HRPA think they are above that?

It may impact you personally in section:

45. A member of the Association is incapacitated for the purposes of sections 46 to 48 if, by reason of physical or mental illness, condition or disorder, other infirmity or addiction to or excessive use of alcohol or drugs, he or she is incapable of meeting his or her obligations under this Act. Investigation

(2) The parties to an application under subsection

(1) are the Association and the member. Medical or psychological examination

(3) If the capacity committee determines that it is necessary to obtain the opinion of a physician or psychologist in order to determine whether a member is incapacitated, the committee may, on its own or on motion, order the member to undergo a medical or psychological examination. Examining physician, psychologist

(4) The examining physician or psychologist shall be specified by the capacity committee after giving the parties an opportunity to make recommendations. Failure to comply

(5) If the member fails to comply with an order under subsection (3), the capacity committee may make an order suspending his or her membership until he or she complies.

So now they think they have the right to invade our personal lives.  I don't know about you, but if this bill does pass (as it stands) I think we are all screwed.

If you say 'who cares?' you are not saying this to the HRPA, but to the Ontario government.

The HRPA has done some pretty stupid things in the past, but this is down right invasive.

I would encourage all members of the HRPA to challenge bill 138.  Without our membership - the HRPA is nothing.


  1. Excellent points Ian:
    I received the protest email from THRPA yesterday and posted it on my HR blog and will try to link yours.
    You say communism, I see elements of elitism. Thank you for taking a stand.
    Ian Welsh (@ianclive)

  2. Call it what you want Ian... I think we can both agree it is not a true democracy.

    The THRPA should be applauded, and the HRPAO should be reminded that without membership, they are nothing.

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  4. Dear HR Facts - how glad I am to find you once again on another blog spreading lies. You have not understood and unfortunately you will never understand the financial investments, not losses, made for the benefit of members. If you were at the TPPA AGM you would have heard everything about the financial statements. Are you even a member of HRPA or the Chapter? Stop hiding behind an alias while you continue to distort the facts and fail to understand that the chapter exists to provide value to members. If you continue to spread lies and slander the TPPA you will be subject to a libel suit - oh I guess that is why you don't use your real name. - how clever of you...
    By the way why does HRPA have such a large reserve - close to $6 million ( which is $1.5M more than the previous year)? Perhaps we should closely audit their financial books and their use of membership are members able to see the full audit report - not the condensed version posted on the site?

  5. TOP 10 reasons to say NO to Bill 138