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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Worst Mayor Ever!

We all make mistakes… none of us are perfect… who hasn’t made a bad judgment call from time-to-time?

We learn from our mistakes and move forward – except Rob Ford.

Well he moves forward, just not as fast as the rest of us – zing!

Sorry – it’s difficult to discuss him and not make a fat joke.

The only thing more difficult though seems to be not making a ‘stupid’ joke… But it isn’t a joke; this guy is actually our Mayor. The things he does is reflecting on us day after day.

His campaign was based on ‘clarity’ and ‘openness’ and ‘stopping the gravy train’ and ultimately ‘respect for taxpayers’.

I judged people’s intelligence who had lawn signs supporting him – he didn’t appear smart in debates, why would you think anything different would happen when he waddled into office… sorry.

Within the past month he has:

1. Gone to trial for using his position as Mayor to get funds for his football team

2. Skipped a council meeting to go coach football

3. Embarrassed us in Chicago – where is Windsor anyway?

4. And now it has come up that he had the road re-paved in front of the family business for an upcoming anniversary

In response to the above, my thoughts are:

1. Way to use your ‘weight’ for something good… But bad move.

2. Your role (roll?) is pretty significant at these… and this was the first one since summer

3. Go back to grade 3… also, isn’t the US Deco office located in Chicago? Hmmm…

4. Way to go boss hogg!

I know this blog is generally aimed at work-related topics, and you shouldn’t discuss politics at work, but WTF?

Toronto… How many more chances does this guy get?

I am waiting, fingers-crossed, that he gets kicked out of office following the outcome of his trial.

The cost of an early election would be better ‘respect for taxpayers’ than letting this joke of a mayor continue.

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