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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Drug testing at TTC

Bring up the TTC to any resident in Toronto, and everyone has a story about a bad experience; it's a big organization that deals with hundreds and thousands of people everyday - it's gonna happen.

Ask a group of HR folks their thoughts on random drug and alcohol testing, and I think you'll be met first with silence before a variety of opinions an experiences.

So what happens when you combine the two?

Well first check out this video from HR Reporter by clicking anywhere in this sentence.

The discussion around it typically comes up in industrial settings like mining or manufacturing; to compare us to the US is like night and day, they apparently test all the time (yes, I know the employment laws are different).

But laws aside for a second, doesn't it make sense ethically for the TTC to do this?

I mean ask anyone who has kids if they are against it, do you really want a 10,000 pound (not verified) steel tube barreling through the suburbs?

I think they should, it would add to their accountability  - especially after that issue around that group who recently got caught issuing false tickets.

But this is my opinion, what do you think? Should public transit workers (anywhere) be subject to random drug/alcohol testing?