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Monday, March 13, 2017

Should I pursue the CHRP or CPHR?

If you are, or will soon be, a recent grad in the HR field you are probably facing a lot of confusion around the HR designation.

You have likely heard of both the CHRP and CPHR.

While the acronyms are similar, the governing bodies behind them definitely are not.

In short, the CHRP (and CHRE and CHRL) are property of the HRPA.  The CPHR on the other hand is property of the CCHRA

In a brief history, the HRPA used to be called HRPAO (formerly Ontario's governing HR body) and were a member of the CCHRA up until only a few years ago - click here for more of a back story

Just over 6 years ago, I made the decision to leave the HRPA(O) and am still grateful that I did.  Now that the HRPA(O) has left the CCHRA they are actively pursuing members from other provinces - which I guess they are allowed to do.

My thoughts are this, I am a member of a provincial association outside of my residency because I strongly believe in national unity and trying to get national alignment in the HR field through a common framework amongst the provinces - in my opinion a national body like the CCHRA can make this happen more amicably.

Does amicable sound like what the HRPA has done?

-They dropped the (O)... I guess hoping to appear more national
-They left the CCHRA
-They are now trying to steal membership from other provinces they were once aligned with

In short, I continue to vote with my membership dollars and would encourage every HR Professional in Canada to do this as well.  I am not telling you what to vote for, just simply what your vote represents.