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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Worst Job Ever!

Thinking back on all the jobs you have ever had, which was the worst?

Most people, including myself, would say that it was in a place with uniforms and deep fryers...

But looking back, I worked in a kitchen for 5 years, if it was so terrible - why did I stay?

If you had asked me at the time, I probably would've said:

1. I'm in school
2. It's steady work
3. It's hard to find anything better part-time

So I kept working.  But what does this say about HR's role in the fast food industry? Sure turnover is high, pay is low, and there really isn't much room for advancement.

However, a new mall gets built, food court goes in, and people are available!

While I understand that there will always be students who have bills to pay, and people that don't have the skills/motivation/desire to leave a job where the only benefits are flexible shifts and free pop, what keeps people applying?

Most people when they leave the food service industry never want to go back. 

So does HR have a role in this territory? Would it be possible to make the jobs better?

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