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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cold Hard Book Review

What's going on?

Anything new and exciting?

Over the past week I have been reading Kevin O'Leary's new book 'Cold Hard Truth'.  It was a great read - but content wise I didn't find a ton of take aways, and maybe that's just because of my age.

I think if I was 17 or 18 I would have valued the business (and life) advice in this book a whole lot more.  That being said, it was a great insight into the 'rude' dragon.

I had no idea that he was dyselxic as a child, or really how he started The Learning Company - and how he really made all his money.

That is what I took from this book.

To me, it was more of an autobiography of Kevin O'Leary and the reader is welcome to take from it what they will - in no way is this a 'how-to' kind of book, so don't go in expecting it - unless you're still relatively young... then listen to his advice on money management.

One story I liked most from the book was how he was in the washroom at the Toronto airport when Dragon's Den was first becoming popular and a guy called him an asshole.  Through out the book he refers back to this incident a few times - despite saying it didn't hurt him... maybe not, but it sounds like it made an impact.

Through out the book, Kevin refers to his money as 'soldiers' and how he doesn't want to put it in harms way.  I have watched him on the Lang & O'Leary Exchange enough to know that he does feel to be a qualified representative of money - and in the book he identifies this.

Do I always agree with his approach in how he shoots down ideas? No - I am in HR, I try to sugar coat the truth a little bit so it doesn't lead to tears... The Cold Hard Truth is slightly more delicious when heated :)

Do I think you should get the book yourself?

Yes - if you want insight on how Kevin became the Venture Capitalist he is today, but not how to do it yourself.

I haven't read the books from the other Dragons' yet - any feedback?

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