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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympics 2012: A Great Lesson!

So if you've been watching the Olympics over the past 2 weeks you can't help but have heard the controversy surrounding the Canadian women's soccer team in their game against the USA.

It was an incredible battle and everything that a true Olympic game should be - even the healthiest among us were probably close to having a heart attack.

Where the controversy came from though was the comments by Captain Christine Sinclair, when she stated that “We feel cheated. It’s a shame that in a game as important as that, the ref decided the result before it started.”

And the similar comment by coach John Herdman about ref Pedersen, saying she “will have to sleep in her bed tonight after watching the replays,” and that “she has a lot to live with.”

But what makes me both fear and admire Sinclair is the pure fight that came out when she said: “I’d hate to be the team that has to play us next.”

For me, it was this statement that showed just how much heart she, and the rest of the team, have.  Many people in a similar situation might get frustrated and walk away in disappointment.

It is that one line that I plan to keep in my back pocket the next time I am in a tough situation, and one I think any of us can use to our advantage whether through our careers, personal lives, or athletic pursuits.

I think it is unfortunate that the team will be walking away with a bronze medal to show for their efforts; but they didn't settle for bronze - they fought for it and I think the anger will only fuel them to greatness.

Congratulations ladies - you have earned everything you have!

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