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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shut up and Sing

Remember the Dixie Chicks documentary 'Shut up and Sing'?

Lead singer Natalie Maines actually received a hate letter with the line, "Shut up and sing"... basically saying 'keep in line and stop stirring things up'.

This happened because of a one-off comment in England where she had said during a concert that she was ashamed that George W. Bush came from Texas... That was it.

All she did was express disapproval and the retaliation started.

I saw them in concert at the ACC as part of this tour and her answer to this was 'I don't know how I am supposed to shut up and sing!'

She had a big grin on her face and the audience roared with laughter... I will never forget this!

At the time it was very tense in the southern states, with people burning their records and holding demonstrations - the usual large scale intimidation/retaliation tactics.

Through out the show she expressed love and appreciation for Canadian fans, the audience, and the level-headedness our country is known for.

What's the lesson in all of this? Stay true to yourself and stand up for what you believe!

Why am I telling you this?

Well to me it seems like a good example of the HRPA's response to the membership whenever we question a decision they have made.

When Mr Zimmer proposed Bill 138 he stated that the membership wanted it... Yet most of the membership was never aware of the contents of the Bill prior to being proposed and are disqusted when they do.

I tried creating discussion around it and have been blocked from several HRPA groups on LinkedIn... Wonderful way to treat your membership.

So rather than 'shut up and sing' people have been flocking to the petition that opposes this ridiculous bill.

Rather than open the floor to discussion, the HRPA continues to try and shove it down our throats and stop any discussion around it:

You want a reason to oppose Bill 138?  How about 10?

Want to have your voice heard? Click Here!

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  1. HRPA continues to use it financial leverage to harrass and bully the elected board. This week they sent out a letter (snail mail) to all members repeating the same misleading information about Bill 138 and their actions against the Toronto Board of Directors. Please follow this link for an interesting and thoughtful opinion