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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Working From Home: Win- Win

To put things into context, I'm writing this blog on the snowiest day in Toronto in 2 years.

Rather than wake up early and go to the office and face what would have been an even tougher commute, I have had a relatively stress-free morning.

I have worked from home before, and loved it!

Minus the interaction with co-workers and listening to a funny morning show on my way in, I do enjoy working from home because:

1. I get to sleep in

2. I save time/money on commuting

3. I can catch up on chores around the house

4. I can play my music as loud as I want :)

What are the benefits to my employer, or any other for that matter?

1. More focused employee - no distractions in the office

2. An empowered workforce - there is obviously a level of trust established

3. Money saved (anyone can use my desk, I'm not drinking the coffee, I'm using my internet connection)

4. No one has to hear my loud music

Have you ever worked from home? Love it or hate it?

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