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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What happens in Vegas... Gets replicated by Toronto?

So earlier this week headlines were made because the Ontario Court of Appeals legalized brothels and ruled that 'sex workers could hire security staff'

There is definitely going to be a ton of debate around this over the coming year(s) from the courts to classrooms; the world's oldest profession tends to be a bit of a taboo subject.

The debate for those in favour of this move is that it makes it safer for the ummm... 'front line workers'.

The goal being, supposedly, to empower the people who 'choose' to get into this line of work and to make it safer for them at the same time.

Those against it see it as modeling ourselves after Las Vegas... and the proposed waterfront Casino is only helping that... and generally take a moral/ethical stance in the stereotypes that come from it.

So ya, this is going to be a subject that gets alot of attention and the opinions will no doubt go to both extremes - I don't think anyone would disagree.

However, those of us in HR need to think down the road - what is this truly going to lead too?

If these brothels become legitimate multi-staff businesses (perhaps in their own district) what will the impact be on employment law?

How do you do a reference check?

What screening questions could you ask or not?

What metrics would be looked at during performance reviews?

Obviously I ask these questions with a little sarcasm, but by the same token every business needs to adhere to employment laws.  What would the head of HR look like in that workplace?

I don't know... your guess is as good as mine.

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