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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beer, Google, and some Fishing Hooks

The other day I was driving home and the Steamwhistle Ad came on, and the slogan 'Do one thing, really, really, well' made me think for a second.

Think of all the business and finance courses you have done - the key message has always been that diversification is the best strategy, unless you can miraculously create a blue ocean, and maybe it is - but have you ever thought of companies that can actually get away with 'doing one thing, really, really, well.'

Well here are 3:

1. Google
2. Steamwhistle
3. Forbes 20 most important tools

Google still operates on ten guiding principles that seem incredibly simple, but are mostly built around having the best search engine around.

Steamwhistle, only ever wanted to have the best Pilsner in the world - In my opinion they do!

The Forbes 20 most important tools, has items ranging from a fish hook to a rifle, and while not brand specific - all these things 'do one thing, really, really, well!'

Can you think of any other companies that have built their image on a single product/service?

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