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Monday, March 15, 2010

CHRP/SPHR Certification

Do you have an HR designation?

I have found that alot of people, especially those under 30, want to have a designation behind their name to seperate themselves from the competition in the job market.

I personally have my CHRP for this reason, as well as the fact that I think if you are going to be considered a 'professional' in your field, you should subscribe to a certain standard.

That being said, what is the reason you want/have/don't have a designation?



  1. Nowadays we see HR assistant positions seeking candidates with or in progress CHRP.The irony is that the prospective candidate is expected to have between 1-3 years of experience.I personally feel that the HR professionals themselves are diluting the credentials of the certification by hiring CHRP for these roles.The Associations are also party to it for making it easier to pass NKE (thanks to a money back assurance on the preparatory course....must be helping them earn lot of money to pay their office staff...who are more often NOT CHRP or have never worked in HR in any business but spent their lives with associations) and wear CHRP candidate tag.The tag gets them through the computerized screening.When these young inexperienced CHRP candidates land in their roles,their own managers don't give a damn to their ideas and eventually most of them grow up doing admin related HR activities and the CHRP becomes just another piece of paper.....nice to have.When recession hits ,HR positions are some of the first few support functions getting pink slips.

    So here comes the SHRP,more value for more money.CHRP is passe.

    Would you as HR manager want to hire a CHRP as HR assistant or you have already done that.Do you have a CHRP certification.Please think aloud.

    1. I am highly impressed with online practice exams for PHR and SPHR Certification. PHR practice tests and SPHR practice exams are exact replica of final exams. I scored almost 89% in both the exam. I am sure that you will have the same experience.

  2. Hi Zorawar,

    I haven't seen feedback from anyone else, so I will chime in. Demanding the CHRP on entry-level job postings has been a criticism for a few years; kind of subjective so I will leave it there.

    Now the tiered system - to your point on SHRP - and presumably CHRE and CHRL I think is the first step into a bigger problem.

    These designations are only offered by the HRPA(O) which represents, in theory, Ontario members.

    Trying to get alignment nationally therefore only gets further diluted as the HRPA(O) continues to go out on their own versus with the consensus of the rest of Canada.