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Monday, March 22, 2010

The Future Belongs to us!

Kinda sounds like something a pimply kid would say at a high school graduation, eh?

But think about it - How many of you when you were kids wanted to be on TV? Be a singer? Write a book?

As 1999 as it may sound, the internet has allowed all of us the access to do this, to some degree, very cheaply or even free.

Major media industries are changing/crumbling, so this really might be the turning point where all of us do get a have the ability to get a bigger piece of the pie.

Any of you familiar with the show Dragon's Den from the CBC?

The show allows entrepeneurs the chance to present their business ideas to a group of Canadian business moguls, for a portion of their company.  This almost completely cuts out any 'middleman' and puts the financers face-to-face with the entrepeneurs, who are putting their own money on the table.

And what about the music industry? Well I think most would agree that Napster was the beginning of the end of that dinosaur.

Now, SliceThePie (a British site) allows everyday people - like you and me, the chance to finance artists as well as to be paid to rate music.

So my question is this - are we better for having broken down some of these walls? Do you care? What industries do you think will be transformed next?


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