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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Violence in the Workplace: Is this your problem?

Yesterday in Oshawa, Ontario a 16 year old boy was fatally stabbed in front of his classmates.

What does this have to do with HR? Maybe nothing.  Maybe everything.

I have discussed the new legislation in Ontario surrounding bill 168 before, but I think this incident necessitates a second glance into what HR's role in the workplace is.

Depending on who you talk to, most people would say that if there is a dispute in the workplace - HR should be involved.

But to what extent?

Should it depend on the size of the organization? Should front-line managers be involved?

When we go to work, particularly us 9 to 5ers, we don't expect to be involved in life threatening situations.

So what is HR to do? Do we do some progressive discipline? Is it our job to try and revolve societies shortcomings?

What do you think?

Whose job is it to stop violence in the workplace? Do you think it is a problem in the average workplace?


  1. Wow, great minds do think alike!

  2. Unfortunately ironic... and by this, I mean that it is ironic that it was both kids (one 15 one 16) who are now gone... Also ironic that we both blogged about it :)